Toddler, baby and childrens sleep strategies, music & advice. Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head helps sleep settle babies children and toddlers with comforting sleep music.

Struggling to Sleep Settle?

Did sleep school only work for a short while, or not at all?

Follow rigid routines but still takes hours to get them to sleep?

Is your toddler frequently out of bed or pre-schooler uses delay tactics?

Child waking frequently?

Baby only sleeps in your arms?

Have multiples or special needs?

Are you TIRED of feeling tired?

Do you feel exhausted, stressed,  grumpy?

Is your patience ‘running out’?

Are you forced to bed-share, to get SLEEP?

 Answered Yes? We Can Help

All it takes is ROUTINE



We know what you’re thinking! YOU’VE TRIED IT ALL! …Followed all of the baby sleep advice available, tried lots of toddler sleep strategies, listened to enough children’s lullaby music to ‘drive you insane’.  Your routine is so predictable you could follow it with your eyes closed.  And kids still won’t go to sleep!


  Quite simply, because Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head is different from everything else you have previously tried and really works. Mums and dads that were just like you, are absolutely delighted! BUT it’s your choice.  Stay sleep deprived and grumpy. Spend hours getting your children to sleep, continue with the negative energy that sleep battles evoke, or simply join other families that say NO to sleep deprivation and  put an end to BABY, TODDLER, and CHILDREN sleep battles.


Is Your Relationship Suffering?

Would you like more partner time?

More hours to catch up with chores?

Or time to just sit and relax!

  • Many children DO NOT grow out of poor sleep habits.
  • Many parents struggle on for YEARS!
  • 40% of prep school children develop SLEEP REGRESSION.
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From ‘nightmare’ to asleep FAST & EASY!

The Sleepy Head CD is fantastic! A really nice lullaby that is easy to sing along with accompanied by a beautiful and relaxing instrumental composition. The music is repetitive and will not disrupt sleep with sudden changes.

Spring Gully Victoria

Mum’s say;  Fantastic! … I would be so lost without nigh’ nigh’!  … there is no fighting to go to sleep … a great sleep assistance tool…Thanks to Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head we all sleep all night! … calm and happy too stay in bed  … from nightmare to easy   …It’s made travelling possible  … Love it, love it, love it!  …  Brilliant …  an absolute lifesaver  … very easy to leave her to fall asleep on her own  …   Highly recommend it.