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15 parenting-hacks-from-a-multi-generation-mum

My first two babies were born in the mid-eighties, with the first one being a bit of a surprise and the second one born 2.5 years later.

I clearly remember after the first birth being in the lift en route to my room with my newborn, husband and midwife and talking about having number two!  The midwife was astounded to hear my enthusiasm as the birth was very long, and completely natural. Lamaze was popular back them!

The early years were wonderful, hard and challenging. My family were 150 km away and ‘new parent’ groups were unheard of. My only support was via phone to my mum, or the visits to my local Health Centre, now Maternal and Child Health. Some days were really long, and although focused on my children, I still had the need to have ‘me time’.