Toddler, baby and childrens sleep strategies, music & advice. Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head helps sleep settle babies children and toddlers with comforting sleep music.

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How long should our bedtime routine take?

Always keep bedtime routines short – 20 minutes or so is best. If you go longer, over-tiredness can set in – after which the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, start to be produced – and then it can take much, much longer to help your child to settle.

How long will it take to settle my toddler and get them to sleep with Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head®?

It depends on the sensitivity of your child and how stressful bedtime has been before. Most children are sound asleep before the end of the Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® CD. Others may need extra time – so just hit replay.  Many will be sleeping well and no longer needing as much support from you after just a few nights… as long as you are consistent with the routine. Allow your settled child the chance to find sleep confidence. Gradually reduce your contact, i.e touch etc, until they have found their settling confidence!

Can I leave out the time it takes to re-connect?

We have found Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® lullaby works so well that many parents are tempted to leave out the re-connection time.  When you are establishing a new routine and a sound sleep pattern, we advise not to skip this time.  You are helping your child form new neural pathways within their brain and good sleep habits for the future. Time taken for this phase of the system, will depend on the level the level of insecurity and anxiety your child has. Some children only need one or two nights!

Are the steps different for day sleeps?

No, the same principles apply.  The 3R’s to Sleep Success system is guaranteed to produce best results when used consistently at each sleep time. #1 tip: make sure the room is darkened from when your child is around 3-4 months. Bright light prevents the sleepy hormone ‘melatonin’ from being produced.

Can I use Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® if we are co-sleeping?

Absolutely!  Who wants to go to bed at the same time as their toddler?  We have many parents who have used Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® to help transition their toddler to their own bed… especially when the next baby arrives.

Does it work in the car?

Travel in peace and most importantly safely without distraction. Once your children have formed a sleep association with Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head®, it works brilliantly in the car, whether to sleep settle on a long journey or just to keep everyone calm on cranky days. Need some travelling with kids tips?

What about for school-aged kids?

Sleepy Head Ted goes to bed with many primary school-aged children. Older children often request Nigh’ Nigh’ because they feel frustrated when they cannot relax to sleep. We all have those nights, but not always the solution!

You don’t have to use the lullaby all the time.  The Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® CD is a great thing to keep in your bag of tricks; good sleepers can have bad nights.  Statistics say 40% of school starters develop poor sleep. You can use Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® whenever busy minds cannot relax to sleep.

What if I have a particularly difficult case?

If you have any further difficulties, system creator Deb Herdman RN is also available via email and social media to support parents in the use of  the ‘Three R’s to Sleep Success system and Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® and general sleep management.