Toddler, baby and childrens sleep strategies, music & advice. Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head helps sleep settle babies children and toddlers with comforting sleep music.

Lullaby CD & Sleepy Head Ted

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Beautifully gift boxed the lullaby CD and Sleepy Head Ted are all the tools you need to establish a successful bedtime routine and ensure your baby, toddler or child has a restful nights sleep.

Lullaby CD – The simple lyrics & melody, beginning with earthy acoustics of piano, harp, strings & woodwind, change to dreamy synthetic pad sounds, reflecting the transition from wakefulness to deeper sleep.

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Sleepy Head Ted – gives children a visual prompt that bedtime is coming. Ted is already sleepy, his eyes are closed. He can be dressed into his Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® pyjamas to match your little one, creating a fun and positive approach to bedtime.





Sleep settle babies, toddlers and children with simple lyrics & melody.

The lullaby CD begins with earthy acoustics of piano, harp, strings & woodwind. The vocals are soothing, lulling and easy to sing along with. Vocals are gradually replaced with the  instrumental melody, creating a dreamy meditative environment; reflecting the transition from wakefulness to deeper sleep.

Soothing bass sounds complement rhythmic patting or stroking. Vocals are slowly and gently replaced with an instrumental version of the lullaby. Accompanying counter melodies help to sleep settle babies toddlers and children of all ages into a deep quality sleep.

Parents and caregivers can sing along or hum the Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® Lullaby, at any stage throughout the 47 minutes. This creates continuity and minimal disruption to the sleep settling process.

Parents are often given an overwhelming amount of sleep advice about sleep routines and settling techniques to sleep settle babies and children. Sleep routines that consist of a gentle approach, offer the best strategy for sleep settling babies, toddlers or children. This produces much less anxiety for the whole family.

The lyrics of Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® sleep music CD talk about sleep, which helps implant the message of sleep time into your child’s mind. The meditative lull of the instrumental relaxes busy minds into a deep quality sleep.

We recommend following the same routine at every sleep time, until a pattern is established.

Our lullaby CD offers an easy, and enjoyable experience, that your child will learn to associate with relaxation and sleep.

Not only is it a fantastic product many mums buy for themselves, but, being gift boxed, it’s also the perfect gift to give new mums.

Team it with our Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® Pyjamas to add fun to the bedtime routine by dressing your child in the same pyjamas as Sleepy Head Ted. Sleepy Head Ted is also sold separately; which is perfect for little ones who share a room but don’t want to share the one Ted.

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