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  • Chantelle McIntyre ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 5 stars No longer is sleep time a stressful event for myself and Jude. Thanks to nigh nigh sleepy head Jude falls to sleep relaxed and peaceful and only waking once over night for a feed. Deb you are a wonderful lady. I can't thank you enough for all your support and encouragement. A bit of a back story I attended one of debs seminars at my wits end, stressed and sleep deprived. I had tried to let Jude cry it out, but that just left myself, my husband and Jude stressed out! nothing worse then hearing your baby cry. Jude would eventually give up crying and fall asleep but he wouldn't stay asleep and would wake countless times over night.
  • Lisa Hemphill reviewed Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head — 5 star Yesterday at 8:58am · Nigh nigh sleepy head has been amazing for us all. Our 2 year old had only slept through a couple of nights and we were all exhausted. Attending an information session with Deb was so helpful and informative. Our son loves the music ..... looks relaxed .... settles easily whilst cuddling "sleepy head Ted" ...... more importantly he is sleeping through ...... All of this was achieved in just a week. My only regret is that we didn't do this earlier..... thanks so much Deb, what an amazing product. You might be where Lisa was, but book a consultation now and sing the joys of sleep!
  • Jaxon has just gone 2. Is super busy. He fights his day sleeps something shocking and bedtime is a nightmare usually my husband has to hold him down for up to an hour. Then he wakes on avg. 4-7 times a night and will come to our room. Occasionally he will wake up screaming and on those occasions he won't come to us he will just sit up in bed screaming until we go in to him.                                                                                                                                          In 3 nights using Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head... J only woke once last night. Also my husband hasn't had to pin him down the last 2 nights which has been amazing.
  • Just as we had reached the point where we'd given up on thinking we'd ever get a regular good night's sleep finally after speaking with Deb for around half an hour (and having previously purchased the music) we have made great progress. All was needed was a few little tweaks to our routine and the difference was more or less immediate. I really thought I'd tried everything but with a combination of the nigh nigh sleepy head music, a calmer and earlier bedtime and sleep is now averaging 10.5 hours a night with a lot less night wakings. It's still not perfect but I'm hopeful sleep will continue to get better over the coming months. Fingers crossed and a huge thank you to Deb for the advice. My 2.5 year old sings along to the music with me when he's going to bed and it really helps him to settle (something he's never been good at - mainly due to having reflux for the first 8 months of his life and after having been quite sick with various viruses for most of the first two years of his life). I really do feel like we have turned a corner. L Spence. South Australia.
  • Nigh' Nigh'Sleepy Head was one of the most useful gifts we were given when our baby daughter was born. She is now 2 years old & still listens to Nigh Nigh for her daily nap & to help her gently drift off to sleep each night. Thank you Nigh' Nigh'. L. Mactaggart, Victoria,  Australia. FaceBook review 5 stars!  21/06/16
  • Bec Smith reviewed Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head — 5 star F/B nighnighsleepy November 22 at 7:18pm · Settling my almost 1 year old to sleep at night has always been quite a challenge. A very stressful time for both Mummy, Daddy & Bubba. Since introducing the Nigh' Nigh' system a few weeks ago, we have made leaps and bounds. The soothing music ensures that my little boy drifts off in a calm and relaxed state & the rhythm of the music helps me to keep a constant beat as I pat him off to sleep. We still have our challenges, but having a gentle nurturing tool to help us through the bad nights is such a god send. We are continually making progress. I would recommend Nigh' Nigh' to any parent who has experienced bed time stress like we did. My only regret is that we didn't try it sooner! Thank you Deb. Your support and advice has been invaluable.
    Bec Smith
  • Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® has worked wonders for our five month old baby!! We were continuing to swaddle him for sleeps as his busy arms were keeping him from falling asleep easily. And after a few unsuccessful attempts to unswaddle him, I contacted Deb for some advice! The gentle words and music are relaxing him into a deep sleep shortly after we put him in his cot. As I am doing our night time routine now... bath, feed, bedtime – I sing the chorus and he smiles up at me, he knows what’s coming and it makes bedtime a lovely time for us all!! We have been using the music now for two weeks and have had success since day one!! I also had the pleasure of Deb chatting to my mums group, giving us all some very helpful sleep advice. Many thanks.
    Alanna Sheehan
  • I have introduced The Nigh' Nigh' music and Teddy bear to my 22 months old at the time ... It worked on the first day and within the first 48 hours she was sleeping on her own ... The music works really well with the Teddy, which is just super cuddly and can be dressed up ... I trust that Nigh' Nigh' system is very holistic, simple and effortless especially if you are a busy parent. Thank you Deb for this amazing tool for our children ... With gratitude,
    Janet Gaspar
  • I was the frazzled Mum of a six year old who had never consistently fallen asleep easily or slept through the night. Watching the kids playing soccer, I was lucky enough to sit next to Deb, and start a conversation with her. "As I have been up since 4am ..." Deb suggested I try "Nigh' Nigh'." With nothing to lose except the bags under my eyes, I started playing "Nigh' Nigh'" for my son. I have to admit I was sceptical as my son didn't even like us to play any music in the house. Sure enough, he drifted easily into a deep sleep! Magic Music! Even now, three years later, my son will say "I think I need my sleepy-time music tonight." And we all slept happily ever after! Thanks Deb.
  • Hi there Deb I hope that you are having a great weekend. I just wanted to check in to let you know how we are going. I'm happy to report that Zac is definitely responding to the Nigh’ Nigh’ music! We've been using it for about two weeks now and what a difference! Most of the time there are no tears at all, and each night he seems to be going to sleep faster and faster. We are down to about 20-25 minutes of settling now. Even tonight I was worried that it was going to take ages for him to go to sleep as he fell asleep in the car and woke up at 5pm. Didn't seem to affect him at all. I still had him asleep by about 7:10 pm. The thing I have noticed is that he is relaxing so much easier. When I put him in the cot (after some rocking in time with the music) he seems to go into a trance like, very relaxed state. From here I just keep patting his leg or bum until he gets himself into a comfortable position and closes his eyes drifts off to sleep. I have to say, the rhythmic rocking and patting is very relaxing for me too. I'm sure that Zac could always sense when I was stressed out and I'm sure that didn't help the situation. We are still having varying night wakings but we are working on it. One thing at a time, as they say. Thank you so much for creating a fantastic tool that is gentle, nurturing and respectful for our little ones. There is just so much pressure to leave our little ones to cry and it just isn't right. When using the Nigh’ Nigh’ music, I know that Zac is falling asleep in a peaceful, calm and relaxed state. I'll touch base with you again soon to update you on how we are going. Thanks
    Rebecca Smith
  • I highly recommend this product!!! The Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® CD and bear were my saviours to get my baby into an independent sleeping routine! It’s a must have for any new parents!
     M. Alvarez
  • Amazing!! Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® changed my life. My children wouldn't sleep and then I was introduced to this product. I was skeptical at first, but I was at my wits end so decided to give it a shot. The very first night my children were asleep within 7 minutes. Stunned I used it the next night with similar results. Now, Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head is very much part of our night time routine. The boys love it and so do my husband and I.
    Melissa Knox
  • Dear Deb, I wanted to write to you to thank-you for creating the Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® CD for children, and to tell you what a huge difference it has made to our family’s life. Up until the time we received your CD, our 18 month old daughter had slept through the night not more than five or six times.  My husband and I had sought advice and information from a broad range of knowledgeable people and literary references.  We painstakingly tried numerous different sleep techniques, routines and habits, yet it could still sometimes take hours a night to settle our daughter and get her to sleep.  Overnight we would need to often sit in the rocking chair and rock her back to sleep, or sleep with her in our bed. Bed time for our daughter had become a really stressful time for our household, my husband and I rarely ate dinner together, and everybody dreaded putting Laura to bed – including our daughter I am sure … Then we were introduced to Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head®, and without exaggeration, it has changed our lives.  From the first time we used the CD we have been able to establish a lovely bed time routine with our daughter which is calm, relaxed, and enjoyed by both my husband and I.  We now take it in turn to put Laura to bed because it is a lovely, enjoyable time of the day, a far contrast from what we had previously become used to. Laura is now able to go into her cot feeling happy, relaxed and content.  She settles quickly into a comfortable sleep, and sleeps soundly.  On the occasions during the night where she does wake, she is now able to settle herself back to sleep without any intervention from us, which I am quite sure is due to the positive association she now has with bed and going to sleep. Thank you Deb for creating a fabulous CD that has helped us so much.  Everyone in our family is happier, and gets a lot more quality sleep.  Finally my husband and I feel like much more capable parents simply by having an effective tool to help our daughter settle and go to sleep. I will certainly be recommending your CD to all my friends with new babies, or children who have poor sleep habits. Many Thanks Again
    Victoria Jenkinson
  • After being really unwell and not sleeping, my eight year old asked if he could listen to his "sleepy time music" again. Nigh' Nigh' helped soothe him back into a great sleep pattern again. Thanks Deb, you're a sleep saver! — feeling thankful.
    Carolanne Leighton
  • Thanks for your time. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get to a printer to fill out your survey regarding your product but boy are we happy with it! We have a one year old girl and a four year old boy and both children are responding super well to the Nigh’ Nigh’ lullaby. It's been a fantastic tool that we've added to our bath, book and bed routine and winds them down into a peaceful sleep so well. We even use it when Miss One wakes during the night and along with putting her back to sleep it also helps me go straight back to sleep after reassuring her. We love this product, thank you so much for producing it.
  • Mr Three year old was very interested in the bear right from the beginning. He was fascinated by the music on the first night, but unfortunately we have still not had much luck in getting him to settle easily. What I can say though is that he is quiet. He might have a quiet play in his room or sit with some books while the music is on - for this I am very thankful that he is not running around. We will definitely be continuing with the night time routine including the bear & the music and hope that settling time decreases over the next few weeks!
  • This music helped my baby fall asleep in under five minutes, two nights in a row! He recognises the music and knows it is a cue that it's time to settle for sleep. Love it!
  • A fantastic product, beautifully boxed. It would be an ideal gift. The bear itself is soft, cuddly and adorable dressed in PJ's all ready for sleep! My boys loved how the hands clasped together for a big cuddle session. The music is calming and relaxing for both the parents and child. I found the music peaceful & beautifully composed. It helped my two boys drift off to sleep with ease. Even when one woke mid way through the night, I put the CD on and tucked him back in with his cuddly bear and reassured him it's time for sleep! What would ordinarily be a huge battle became a comforting approach to staying in his own bed! Fantastic product. Thank you!
  • I love Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® and have tried a few sleep songs before I came across this. It's the perfect way for my 10 month old to wind down and know it's time for sleep. He is the type of baby that bounces off the walls when he gets tired and this is the first product where he instantly relaxes and goes off to sleep. He also loves giving his nigh nigh bear a big hug. I quite often fall asleep too.
  • I have never seen my daughter (six years old) nod off to sleep so easily. She adores her Nigh' Nigh' bear, and his pyjamas, although she wished they were pink. The magnetic hands that hug her tight are just magical! Once they are both dressed snug in their pj's for the night, his arms wrap around her and it is Love at first sight. I was amazed that there was only one track on the CD but by the time it was done playing, she was fast asleep.
  • Best Bedtime Bear Ever
    Melanie Parsons
  • Hello Deb, It was lovely (and reassuring) talking with you this afternoon regarding the challenges of sleepless nights! … As described today, I have two daughters - Grace (almost six) and Ruby (four). Grace struggles to surrender to sleep. She can recognise tiredness before bed but if she is over-tired, she becomes emotional, won't lie still, won't close her eyes and will worry about going to sleep (scared of having bad dreams). She becomes incredibly negative in her thoughts. She is often in our bed during the night complaining feeling scared and not being able to get back to sleep when I comfort her back in her own bed. Ruby, on the other hand, is sleepy prior to going to bed but then hits a new level of energy as soon as she gets into bed. She tests boundaries (plays hide and seek, runs around, etc) and becomes the family clown. This disrupts Grace; Grace retaliates and complains/cries. So the circle begins … I borrowed one of Kate's classical music for kids CD's a few weeks ago and they both responded well. They seemed mesmerised. However, I have to say, that the last few nights they have gone back to a more minor version of their earlier behaviours. I am really looking forward to trying your product and I would love to share my success via a testimonial once we have shown some success (can't wait!) Many thanks for sharing your product with our family!
  • My girls loved the look of it (especially the bear) and were very excited by the whole process at bedtime. We went through our normal bedtime routine with the addition of the CD. They settled very quickly and happily and the room was quiet within minutes!!
    Jane Molphy
  • YES! I LOVE THE CD!!! Well Lara loves it!  It's amazing.  We just play it when we put her down and I think it's a bit of a sign that we want her to go to sleep!  Basically I owe my sanity to you! !!!!
    Mel Alvarez
  • I love this product! Wish it was around when I was a kid. My daughter finds the music totally relaxing and it is very easy to leave her to fall asleep on her own. That’s if I don’t fall asleep myself! The music is just so soothing and takes you on a lovely journey. The polar bear teddy is so cute and very soft too, makes a good pillow. It's also fun to make sure the bear is dressed for bed as part of the night time routine. A nice distraction from protesting about bed time! Highly recommend it. Thank you.
  • I love the beautiful, relaxed tones of the Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® lullaby and so does my baby girl. We've been lucky to date that she is a great night sleeper but for those rare times when she is a little unsettled at bedtime it works wonders at calming her for a restful night of sleep. As she grows into a toddler our bedtime routines will most likely become more of a challenge and I'm glad I'll have my Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® there to come to the rescue.
    Leah Hartley
  • Our 3 month old went from being inconsolable to sleeping calmly during lengthy car trips. It’s made travelling possible.
    Levi and Megan
  • A friend gave us Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® when our daughter was born. Love it at night time, but the real winner was a couple of weeks ago. We had a two hour drive planned, and she was so unsettled it was unbearable - she hates the car, especially when it stops at lights. Got out the CD and put it on, and soon she was asleep – happy baby, happy driver – and also bonus sleepy four year old = peaceful start to the holiday! An absolute lifesaver.
    Karen Lunney
  • Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to use Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® to help Miles sleep. I have found it to be a lovely and relaxing sleep cue, and Miles seem to drift off to sleep quicker and have a longer nap when he has been listening to the music before bed. I have also found the music relaxes me too, so perhaps its relaxed mum=relaxed baby. The melody is easy to remember and hum myself, and the instrumentals, especially at the start of the song are very pleasing to the ear. Well done and thanks again.
  • The Sleepy Head CD is fantastic! A really nice lullaby that is easy to sing along with accompanied by a beautiful and relaxing instrumental composition. The music is repetitive and will not disrupt sleep with sudden changes, yet it is not annoying to listen to the repetition. My boys, five and three, think it is lovely and unlike most other music aimed at children I also enjoy the music. I would recommend this to anyone as a great sleep assistance tool for children.
  • We found the CD to be quite rhythmic and relaxing which helped to calm and soothe my daughter ready for sleep. The bear was fun and a good companion for the bedtime routine, not to mention soft and perfect to sleep on!
  • Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® is an extraordinary holistic product for a positive parenting approach. Super gentle and beautiful. As a holistic mother and a holistic health coach, I highly support this truly unique product, which I was able to personally experience with my youngest, one year old, daughter. She loves the Teddy and the music. With abundance of gratitude to Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head®, :-)
  • Thanks to Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® we all sleep all night. I got this product for my grandson who at the time was having problems sleeping. He was unable to sleep all night. Since starting with the CD he now sleeps all night. It take a few days to work but once they understand, it’s wonderful. He knows when the music starts its time for bed. He will even ask for Nigh’ Nigh’. He now goes off to sleep very relaxed … there is no fighting to go to sleep. I have also used it with my eight year old … she has been a very restless sleeper. Now she has been waking up smiling and a lot more refreshed. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. Thanks Deb.
    Leanne Johns
  • The 15 month old is my son, and I would be so lost without Nigh' Nigh'! Spencer sleeps through the night now, there isn't any fighting at bedtime. I can't thank you enough! he knows as soon as we press play on the cd player it's bedtime, he is yawning and nagging me for milk! Thank you so much
    Natasha Louise
  • OMG Deb. I am a little bit in love with you already!! First night (using Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head®) and my notoriously clingy one year old is asleep in her cot ... alone ... within 10 minutes. We cuddled for the first part of the song and then I put her down. Bit of a cry, bit of a bottom pat and – BOOM – asleep! Thank you. This is the first night she has not had to fall asleep in someone's arms. The music helped her to relax, which has always been her issue when falling asleep. Hopefully just the start of things to come.
    Rebecca F.
  • Maud is a personal coach for expectant mums. This is what she posted on her F/Book page, Welcoming Bebe, on 02/07/15: "Have you ever heard of or experienced first hand how toddlers start not wanting to sleep around two? I am amazed at all the excuses they come up with to postpone sleep ... "wee, drink, saying good night to the train, the train number two, reading one more book etc ..." It is a reality though that their days are so much fun and entertainment, putting an end to it is difficult. I met Deb from Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® the other day and she kindly offered me to try her CD... And IT WORKS! My son has been barely procrastinating and asked only once for a "last wee" within a week of using the CD! Thanks Deb!
    Maud from
  • I didn’t cosleep with Mr Five but have been using Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® with him successfully, especially when he’s unsettled or in a strange place. Miss Nearly One is cosleeping, but I woke with her leg over my neck the other night, so maybe some transition time after this bout of teething is in order. I use Nigh' Nigh' for her too, when sleep seems far from her mind. The lyrics are great – and very affirming. So much more relaxing than rock a bye baby … have you ever really thought about that? Why on earth would somone be calmed by the idea of the baby and cradle falling out of a tree!?!
  • This CD has changed bedtimes from nightmare to easy. My eldest child is four and has been a terrible sleeper his entire life; we had tried everything our child health nurses, pediatricians, mother-craft nurses, sleep school experts had told us, and nothing seemed to work. He got a little better as he got older but for the most part getting him to sleep before midnight was near impossible. Our youngest son is now two and has been a great sleeper for most of his life, however recently has become more defiant and starting to stay up as late, or later, than his older brother. My husband and I both work full time, which means the household is up at 5:45 every morning. We were exhausted and at our wits end, when a girlfriend recommended we give Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® a go, after she had some success with her daughter. With nothing to lose and a lot to gain we tried the CD and had instant results. The first night, both boys were asleep in the first seven minutes of the song! The following night I put the CD on before they were in bed and my eldest recognized it straight away and told my youngest to "hurry up and get in bed, the night night song is on". The boys are happier and more energetic during the day, night times are much less stressful and most importantly my husband and I have a much stronger, happier marriage because we actually have some time to ourselves to enjoy each other's company and be more than just mummy and daddy.
    Melissa Knox
  • I have also found that Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head® relaxes me too, so perhaps a relaxed mum makes for a relaxed baby! The melody is easy to remember and hum myself, and the instrumentals are very pleasing to the ear.
  • Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head® is a lovely, relaxing sleep cue and my son seems to drift off to sleep quicker and have longer naps when he has been listening to the music before bed.
  • My two year old loves her Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head® CD and Sleepyhead Ted. Within 10 minutes she is calm and happy too stay in bed. She also rocks Ted to sleep in her arms, whilst singing "nigh nigh baby".
  • My boys, five and three, think it is lovely; and unlike most other music aimed at children, I also enjoy the music. I would recommend this to anyone as a great sleep assistance tool for children.
  • The Sleepy Head CD is fantastic! A really nice lullaby that is easy to sing along with accompanied by a beautiful and relaxing instrumental composition. The music is repetitive and will not disrupt sleep with sudden changes.