Baby unsettled and overtired?

Is your toddler waking frequently?

Are you an anxious parent?

Have you tried lullaby music without success?

PROVEN Sleep Music Therapy that lasts!

 Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head music therapy and consultancy has been helping families in Australia and internationally for over 7 years to sleep better. Designed to enhance settling through attentive parenting technique, and music therapy, infants and toddlers learn through emotional support how to sleep independently, settle faster and wake less.

Lullabying, is so much more than an auditory experience. From bump to pre-school this music settling & sleep system enhances auditory (hearing) pathways, language development, mood, arousal, emotional and physical health. Even unborn babies feed and sleep better after birth!

Toddlers can be a handful at sleep time and wake more than a newborn!

Sleep independence takes patience and a positive outlook. Using our Nigh’ Nigh’ Lullaby and Sleepy Head ‘TED’ toddlers love that he gives cuddles. Dress him into his pj’s and he becomes the perfect cuddle bear/pillow for all night comfort.


  • The best music is studio produced - not out of a toy which can irritate the mind

  • Has melody, rhythm & repetition & supports sleep cycle stages

  • One lullaby song - Changing songs disrupts the relaxation process

  • Consistent melody and resting heart beat tempo - signal deeper relaxation

  • Better than white noise for brain health

Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head lullaby and music is easy for you to sing, hum or rock to emotionally support your baby or toddler towards sleep independence. Lullaby is proven to synchronise your brain and your baby’s for a calmer state of mind! This sleep RESOURCE ends sleep time anxiety and makes it easy for your child to discover the art of relaxing into deep sleep.

Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head lullaby sleep pack makes sleep easy! 

Do you want the complete >>gentle sleep solution<<


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'The Essential Sleep e-Book for BABY

'The Essential Sleep e-Book for BABY

'The Essential Sleep e-Book for TODDLER

'The Essential Sleep e-Book for TODDLER

Thank you so much for creating a fantastic tool that is gentle, nurturing and respectful for our little ones. There is just so much pressure to leave our little ones to cry and it just isn’t right. When using Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head®, I know that Zac is falling asleep in a peaceful, calm and relaxed state.
Rebecca, NSW


It's time for you to get more rest while your baby really sleeps like a baby!

Best Baby Shower Gift!



The essential pregnancy tool that will make parenting easy.

Research shows babies that are exposed to a lullaby during the last two trimesters and first months can have less crying episodes, less episodes of colic, and reduced night waking.


 We recommend Nigh' Nigh’ Sleepy Head® Digital Download

 I love this Cd. I play it to our antenatal clients that come in for prenatal monitoring. We need babies to be in a nonactive state and rather than sending mothers away we get them to recline in a chair and listen to the Nigh’ Nigh’ CD. The baby always calms down and we can get on with the procedure”
— 2016 Midwife: St John of God Hospital, Victoria, Australia  


Avoid or Solve Sleep Problems! 


In the early months your baby will be adjusting to life. Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® supports attentive attachment parenting for improved bonding,  calming unsettled babies and decreasing parent anxiety.

 We recommend  Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® CD or download

2 - 12 MONTHS

Feeling exhausted and baby unsettled?

This is when establishment of a routine can be helpful. Developmental leaps and separation anxiety can disrupt sleep and lead to difficulty falling asleep and baby waking frequently. Our lullaby music is a full sleep cycle long and full of surprises that you’ve never heard. Sleepy Head TED is perfect to sit with older babies when feeding and to accompany babies over 7 months at sleep time.

 We recommend  Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® pack


' 3R's  To SLEEP  SUCCESS '  -  BABY     ... Scroll  to Download

Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head has worked wonders for our five month old baby!! We were continuing to swaddle him for sleep as his busy arms were keeping him from falling asleep easily. And after a few unsuccessful attempts to unswaddle him, I contacted Deb for some advice! The gentle words and music are relaxing him into a deep sleep shortly after we put him in his cot. As I am doing our night time routine now... bath, feed, bedtime-I sing the chorus and he smiles up at me, he knows whats coming and it makes bedtime a lovely time for us all! We have been using the music now for two weeks and have had success since day one. A. Miller
— A. Miller, Victoria. Australia

Toddler J with Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head 'TED'..jpg

Settling & Sleeping Through

 1 -  7 YEARS

Most parents are prepared for sleep deprivation but when it goes on and on, it affects family health and relationship. Sleep deprivation also has profound affects on you and your child, affecting physical and emotional health that can last a lifetime.

  • 40% of prep children suffer sleep regression - This can be completely avoided!

  • Screen exposure is linked to delayed cognitive development and sleep problems.

  • Low immunity, weight gain, behavioural issues, poor learning, anxiety and depression - Families need adequate sleep to be healthy!

          We recommend our Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® pack

Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head has been amazing for us all. Our 2 year old had only slept through a couple of nights and we were all exhausted. Attending an information session with Deb was so helpful and informative. Our son loves the music ..... looks relaxed .... settles easily whilst cuddling “sleepy head Ted” ...... more importantly he is sleeping through ...... All of this was achieved in just a week. My only regret is that we didn’t do this earlier..... thanks so much Deb, what an amazing product.
— L. Hemphill, Bendigo. Australia

Deb and baby Grace.jpg

Baby*Toddler*Pre-schooler Sleep Consultant


Sometimes chronic sleep issues require specialist help and a little 'tweaking'.

Deb Herdman is a nurse health professional SLEEP EXPERT that has worked with many mothers using the ‘3R’s to Sleep Success’ system. She never advises stressful sleep methods.

Once you have mastered Routine, Re-connection and Relaxation, you will find your child happy and relaxed about going to sleep. The end result is your child will become an independent sleeper that sleeps longer, deeper and no longer wakes repeatedly, overnight. 


  • 30 min Phone/Skype/Facetime consultation

  • Full sleep history

  • 3 R’s to Sleep Success E/Books for Baby or Toddler

  • Individualised plan to suit your family


Chantelle McIntyre ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 5 stars
No longer is sleep time a stressful event for myself and Jude. Thanks to Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head Jude falls to sleep relaxed and peaceful and only waking once a night for a feed. Deb you are a wonderful lady. I can’t thank you enough for all your support and encouragement.

A bit of a backstory I attended one of Debs seminars at my wits end, stressed and sleep deprived. I had tried to let Jude cry it out, but that just left myself, my husband and Jude stressed out!

Nothing worse then hearing your baby cry. Jude would eventually give up crying and fall asleep but he wouldn’t stay asleep and would wake countless times overnight. Deb you are a wonderful lady. I can’t thank you enough for all your support and encouragement.





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