4 Healthy toddler easter options…

By Deb Herdman


1.      Think healthy…add fruit!   Make a berry delicious chocolate dip…Gather a selection of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries even banana and mandarin segments.  Begin by melting a variety of dark, milk and white chocolate, in a microwave or double boiler.  Stir frequently and be careful not to let it burn!

 When melted, individually dip fruit into the melted chocolate and arrange on baking/ non-stick paper. Try coconut, ground almonds, or sprinkles for additional WOW factor. When chilled, serve on a platter for the grownups, or in pretty baskets for the kids.


2.     Limit the size.  For young kids, it’s all about the numbers.   Watch them count their stash…the more the merrier!  BUT think small!

Scatter tiny eggs around the house or garden for an Easter egg treasure hunt.  The kids’ will be delighted and think they have scored a massive amount of chocolate, but the small portions allow you much more control…you can be the ‘keeper and stash protector’, and hand out at intervals…At any rate it stops gorging and tummy ache!


3.     In addition to the eggs collected from the treasure hunt, give each child one, and only one, special egg. All in all it will be enough to satisfy their chocolate needs… and won’t break the bank for you.  If you are really lucky, the grand folks might even supply the ‘special’ one!


4.     Suggest to friends and family to give an alternate gift rather than chocolate.  A book, a small toy (bunnies are popular) or even clothing are all more productive choices than chocolate and last much longer, too!