Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® Pack


Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® Pack


Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® pack is a resource for bonding, preventing poor sleep becoming established, and forming new sleep habits to last a lifetime.

Used to assist with Routine, Re-connection and Relaxation, this is an essential tool for those times when sleep is hard to find!

Lullaby Music – This unique lyric AND instrumental music Cd is designed to prevent and end sleep debt associated with difficulty falling asleep, catnapping and waking. 

The lullaby lyric is easy to sing, hum, rock, pat or stroke to. The gentle rhythm removes anxiety surrounding settling or frequent night waking.

The instrumental follows the same melody. From traditional sounds of piano, string, and woodwind to dreamlike sounds, relaxation, and deeper sleep ensures your baby, toddler or child develops sleep independence without stress. 

Sleepy Head Ted – Used as a support pillow or tactile distraction for younger babies, to a visual prompt that bedtime is coming when older, TED assists with happier bedtime moods.

Used only at bedtime, TED can be dressed into his Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® pyjamas creating a fun and positive approach to bedtime. Toddlers love to sing the Nigh’ Nigh’ song to themselves and TED!

Need a bedtime cuddle? TED has magnetised paws for giving cuddles. 

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Singing a lullaby, and using music with supportive parenting techniques creates an environment for positive emotional health outcomes. Attentive and attachment parenting is well researched for creating the best opportunities to nourish your child's brain. Sleep is proven to be essential for best health and cognitive outcomes!

  • The lullaby lyrics of Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® are soothing, lulling and rhythmical. Easy to sing, pat or rock along to.

  • The instrumental replicates the lullaby melody, creating a dreamy meditative environment. 47 minutes of CALM!

  • Sleepy Head 'TED' - Is super soft like a pillow and 47 cm long, he gives cuddles! Dress him into his pj's to complement a stress-free sleep routine. Many parents find their children love to sing Nigh' Nigh' to help settle themselves or to put 'TED' to sleep.

We support children to become good sleepers...NO STRESS!



Use Sleepy Head TED at sleep time.  We recommend a quiet and calm approach to prevent stress.

NEED HELP? Sleep expert Deb Herdman will guide you and problem solve your individual sleep issues.

 Babies over 2 months - Use TED as a feeding support pillow. Transfer of pheromones can help comfort your baby.

Routine, Reconnection, Relaxation - Get our FREE  e/Book 3R's to Sleep Success for Baby

Babies 7 to  12 months - TED becomes a tactile bear and comforter as baby feeds. A perfect sleep companion for snuggling

Toddlers and beyond - TED is designed to keeps the bedtime mood light and happy. Help your little one dress TED into his pj's. Toddlers LOVE this!

Routine, Reconnection, Relaxation - Get our FREE  e/Book 3R's to Sleep Success for Toddler


 We give you the resources that support the science! Don't wait for poor sleep to become a habit. Sleep is detrimental for lifetime good health.  Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® Sleep provides you with the resources to emotionally support your baby, toddler or child to end sleep debt. This means faster settling, longer and deeper sleep and less waking. 


Helping your child relax shouldn't be that hard. With proven results, our instrumental gets and keeps them sleeping, because ROUTINE & RE-CONNECTION have been implemented and supported.

Positive sleep associations and LESS stress mean better sleep!

We recommend following the same routine at every sleep time, until a pattern is established.

Routine, Reconnection, Relaxation - Get our FREE  e/Book 3R's to Sleep Success for Toddler

Our lullaby CD offers an easy, and enjoyable experience, that your child will learn to associate with relaxation and sleep.

Not only is it a fantastic product many mums buy for themselves, but, being gift boxed, it’s also the perfect gift to give new mums.

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“This CD has changed bedtimes from nightmare to easy. My eldest child is 4 and has been a terrible sleeper his entire life, we had tried everything our child health nurses, pediatricians, mother-craft nurses, sleep school experts had told us and nothing seemed to work. He got a little better as he got older but for the most part getting him to sleep before midnight was near impossible. Our youngest son is now 2 and has been a great sleeper for most of his life, however recently has become more defiant and starting to stay up as late, or later, than his older brother. My husband and I both work full-time, which means the household is up at 5:45 every morning. We were exhausted and at our wits end when a girlfriend recommended we give Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head a go, after she had some success with her daughter. With nothing to lose and a lot to gain we tried the CD and had instant results. The first night both boys were asleep in the first 7 minutes of the song! The following night I put the CD on before they were in bed and my eldest recognized it straight away and told my youngest to “hurry up and get in bed the night night song is on”. The boys are happier and more energetic during the day, night times are much less stressful and most importantly my husband and I have a much stronger, happier marriage because we actually have some time to ourselves to enjoy each other’s company and be more than just mummy and daddy.” *M. Knox 2/7/2014. 5-star Kidspot review.
A fantastic product beautifully boxed. It would be an ideal gift. The bear itself is soft, cuddly and adorable dressed in PJ’s all ready for sleep! My boys loved how the hands clasped together for a big cuddle session. The music is calming and relaxing for both the parents and child. I found the music peaceful & beautifully composed. It helped my two boys drift off to sleep with ease. Even when one woke mid way through the night, I put the CD on and tucked him back in with his cuddly bear and reassured him its time for sleep! What would ordinarily be a huge battle, became a comforting approach to staying in his own bed! Fantastic product. Thank you! Natalie - anon, NSW
I have never seen my daughter (6 years old) nod off to sleep so easily. She adores her nigh nigh bear, & his pyjamas. M. Parsons, Australia