Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head Sleep *Digital Download*


Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head Sleep *Digital Download*

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  • Pregnant and looking to enhance postnatal attachment?
  • Toddler not sleeping and expecting again?
  • Hoping to avoid the anxiety of a baby that won't settle?
  • Download -  for access anytime and anywhere 

47 minutes with decreasing volume for minimal disturbance when sleep is reached.  Lyric only available with Cd purchase.

Sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and a crying unsettled baby may contribute to poor sleep choices that place your baby at higher risk for SIDS. 

Research shows babies that are exposed to a lullaby during the last trimester and first month can have less crying episodes, less colic, improved feeding and sleep better.  As a result, bonding is stronger and maternal stress lessened. 

This is the essential pregnancy tool that will make parenting easier! 



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In fetal development, auditory senses develop in the second trimester, with ‘habituation’ from 28 to 36 weeks. This phenomenon allows recognition and memory of a sound stimulus to be recalled by the baby within the first three weeks of life if exposure to that stimulus reoccurs.  Just like a newborn seeking the familiar voice of his mother straight after birth.

 Studies support maternal singing in the months prior to birth.  Resulting in calmer babies,  stronger bonding, and less maternal anxiety, mothers report the experience to be pleasurable, relaxing and enriches their relationship with their newborn.

We recommend frequent exposure to Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® Cd of at least weekly during pregnancy and more frequently if so desired. After birth listen to Nigh' Nigh' lullaby sleep music Cd when baby needs help calming, and settling to sleep.

Sing to your baby bump!  - Calming Mother and Baby

Sing to your baby bump!  - Calming Mother and Baby


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Soothing sounds of the Bass compliment rhythmic patting or stroking. The Lullaby -singing and music have many benefits that outweigh white noise. Music and singing contribute to brain cell generation based on positive and loving experiences.

 Vocals are slowly and gently replaced with an instrumental version of the lullaby. Accompanying counter melodies help to sleep settle babies toddlers and children of all ages into a deep quality sleep.

Parents and caregivers can sing along or hum the Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® Lullaby, at any stage throughout the 47 minutes. This creates continuity and minimal disruption to the sleep settling process.

We recommend following the same routine at every sleep time.

Our lullaby and music Cd offers an easy, and enjoyable experience, that your baby will learn to associate with relaxation and sleep.

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  • Parents of baby Sam - extremely premature - NICU London UK - Nigh' Nigh' (baby) is just.... I have no words. Amazing'. He was starting to get a bit wriggly underneath his sedation and they were going to up it to keep him still but put on nigh' nigh' baby and he relaxes.

Sends me to sleep as well I was struggling to fall asleep on my first proper night home tossed and turned and after 3 hours of fighting it put Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head® on and I think I only got to 4 minutes in. (to the music). has helped us to feel like we're part of his sleep routine, despite all of the medical intervention/surroundings.

A. Hawkins.