Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head Ted


Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head Ted


Cuddle Bear Pillow sleep resource

Sleepy Head 'Ted' is a sleep time Polar Bear. He gives children a visual and tangible prompt that bedtime is coming and they adore getting him ready for bed and sing Nigh' Nigh' lullaby to him. 

  • Very soft and 450mm in length, he is an ideal size to cuddle and sleep on.
  • Fully washable with removable pajamas. 
  • Magnetic front paws close but are easily opened for dressing and giving cuddles to your child.
  • Use with Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head sleep CD



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Baby under 6 months

We recommend you have TED close by when you feed your baby. He may be used as a support pillow when feeding, or to help baby settle to feed. Taking on the familiar smells of mother and baby, TED may provide comfort to your baby when she is older. 

RED NOSE formally SIDS and KIDS recommend no soft toys in the sleep space until your baby is 7 months old. 

Baby 6 - 14 months

Sleepy Head TED is a visual prompt and comforter to be used only at sleep time. Many older babies enjoy sleep association toys. As a comfort at the start of sleep time or during the night, TED is a popular choice. 

Toddler - 7 years

Sleepy Head TED is so much more than a soft toy. Many children not only enjoy getting him into his pj's but will sing the Nigh' Nigh' Lullaby to him.  TED is a gentle and positive sleep association tool and proven to eliminate sleep time stress for faster and deeper sleep outcomes.

Sleepy Head Ted gives children a visual prompt that bedtime is coming. Ted is already sleepy, his eyes are closed. He can be dressed into his Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head® pyjamas to match your little one, creating a fun and positive approach to bedtime.

He is very soft and measuring 450mm in length, an ideal size to cuddle and sleep on. His front paws close magnetically but are easily opened for dressing and for cuddles.

We advise, as part of your sleep strategy, that you make a game of getting into pyjamas by offering Ted to your toddler or child, undressed. They can help you dress Sleepy Head Ted ready for bed, and then put on their own matching pyjamas, creating a positive and fun approach to the pre-sleep routine.

Follow on with the Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head® sleep music lullaby, and relaxation to deep sleep will ensue. Use this sleep resource as part of your child’s everyday sleep routine and discover how it can teach them how to relax to sleep for life.